PLEASED: Planning, Learning and Search for Decision-making Research Group

This group considers almost any aspect of the general decision-making problem, including sequential decision-making under uncertainty. Major sub-problems we consider are planning, machine learning, and search algorithms. Our approach is grounded in probability theory and game theory for managing uncertainty and multi-agent systems. // Ons groep beskou bykans enige aspek van die algehele besluitnemingsprobleem, insluitend sekwensiële besluitneming onder onsekerheid. Belangrike subprobleme wat ons beskou is beplanning, masjienleer, en soekalgoritmes. Ons benadering word gegrond in waarskynlikheidsleer en spelteorie vir die bestuur van onsekerheid, asook multi-agent stelsels.

Group news, activities and output

Publications from this research group are listed on
Steve Kroon's homepage. Open-source projects launched by the group are available on the PLeaSeD gitlab page. We have also started a Youtube channel.

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We are currently developing a repository for our group on


The group welcomes undergraduate and graduate students interested in doing an internship. In the past, we have had four students from France and Germany, who each visited for around three months. For an indication of typical intern tasks, please see this internship proposal. Unfortunately, we do not have funding to support interns financially. Here is some feedback from past interns: