Steve Kroon

Associate Professor: Computer Science, Stellenbosch University.
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Bio last updated: July 2022

Prof. Steve Kroon obtained MCom (Computer Science) and PhD (Mathematical Statistics) degrees from Stellenbosch University, and joined the Stellenbosch University Computer Science department in 2008. He holds a C2 rating from South Africa's National Research Foundation. His PhD thesis considered aspects of statistical learning theory, and his current research interests include generative modeling, Bayesian methods, search and adversarial search, decision-making and planning under uncertainty, and machine learning. He has supervised and co-supervised 2 graduated and 1 current PhD students, 17 graduated and 2 current master's students, and has published 10 journal articles and 19 peer-reviewed conference and workshop articles. He has served as a reviewer/is on the programme committee for ICML, NeurIPS, JAIR, Algorithmica and JUCS. He holds a Diploma in Actuarial Techniques, and is a member of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and an individual associate of the National Institute of Theoretical and Computational Sciences.

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Main research topics

My research group primarily considers the topics below. Generally, I am more interested in understanding existing approaches and proposing novel approaches in these areas, rather than applications in these areas.

Potential students

If you're interested in studying under my supervision, please contact me after carefully considering my notes for prospective graduate students. I generally only accept full-time students who have their own source of funding, unless I am specifically advertising a funded position.

Research output

Also see the page of our Decision-making research group.

Talks at colloquiua, seminars, etc.

Graduate students

Project notes for honours students w.r.t. supervision (largely applicable to Masters and PhD students as well). (Last updated: 25 October 2012.)

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